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Atom and Luna

One for the younger folk! FREE!

From the company that brought us The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps last winter, we are pleased to be able to promote their brand new virtual venture – The Chronicles of Atom and Luna.

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Filmed Dance for your enjoyment

Lyn Brunton Events, Shows 11/10/2020

In addition fantastic theatre over the phone we are also pleased to share links with you where you can watch filmed dance performances online:
Each show will be available to watch for free on the National Rural Touring Forum website for a week, with the Q&A’s taking place on the Wednesday afternoon. You will need to book your place in advance to attend any of the Q&As using the Eventbrite ticket link below.

 Border Tales, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Show available online from Friday 9th – Thursday 15th October (inclusive) at: Here
National Q&A session Wednesday 14th October, register to attend via Eventbrite: Here
Border Tales looks at Brexit Britain seen through the eyes of an international cast and gazes satirically on stereotypical thinking about migrant outsiders and bigoted homelanders.

The Headwrap Diaries, Uchenna Dance Show available online Friday 16th – Thursday 22nd October (inclusive): Here
National Q&A session Wednesday 21st October, register to attend via Eventbrite: Here
Hair – worn long, worn short, worn wavy or in braids – is the subject of The Head Wrap Diaries, a funny and uplifting dance theatre. The show is set in a hair salon and is about people and their ongoing relationship with hair.

Elephant In The Room
, Lanre Malalou Show available online from Friday 23rd – Thursday 29th October (inclusive): Here
National Q&A session Wednesday 28th October, register to attend via EventbriteHere
The show takes a sharp sideways look at the insidious stigma around mental health issues, asking how race, class and culture can affect the way we choose to address them. And what happens when we don’t…

We hope you manage to join in with these fantastic offerings and to welcome you back in the community centre when the situation allows


Lyn Brunton Events, Shows 11/10/2020

Settle down in the comfort of your own home and listen in to this unique live audio theatre experience, using live music and immersive sounds effects, all performed over the phone.

“You Don’t know me Duck. You don’t know me. But I reckon we’ve met before.” Meet Vick. Care giver, Mother, Partner and Daughter.
You’ve almost certainly walked past her in the street, stood behind her in a queue or driven past her in your car. Today, take the time to delve a little deeper. Experience a day in her life. Hear her thoughts and feelings as a busy day at work slowly uncovers a deeply buried memory of care.

Inspired by real memories and interviews from a care home, this innovative piece tells the hidden stories of care across generations to celebrate the dedication and spirit of workers and residents in care homes across the UK.

Please select your date and time slot via the CRTA website ticket link Here  The show lasts 20 minutes. Tickets £6.
TUESDAY 20th OCTOBER, WEDNESDAY 21st OCTOBER, THURSDAY 22nd OCTOBER, FRIDAY 23rd OCTOBER, SATURDAY 24th OCTOBER  at 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm, 6pm, 6.30pm, 7pm

There is a post show live zoom with writer and performer Sophia Hatfield on Saturday 24th October at 8pm, if you would like to join please share your email when you book.

 “Fantastic – very moving and very intimate. There is something about the closeness of your performance that makes it very easy to slip into the world of the play.”  Audience Member July 2020                         1 to 1 performance suitable for all ages.