About TCC

Our Mission

“A space for the community and everything in one space”. We want to provide the community with the best possible range of resources and facilities which a modern village could need.

We also want to share these facilities with the wider community to benefit everyone.

  • Small Meeting Room
  • Edna Rose Large Presentation Space
  • Main Hall with Full Stage, Sound System & Lights
  • Bar/Lounge Area with Licence
  • Library
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen
  • Wheelchair Access & Fully Accessible
  • Toilet Facilities

Presentation Spaces


Kitchen Facilities

Full Stage


Sound Systems

About Us

The Community Centre was constructed in the 1970s., investment came primarily from the sale of the previous Public Hall, which had been bought in the 1890s, added to by local fundraising.

The total investment by the local community, combined with grants from the then Department of Education and Science and Chester District Council, amounted to £16,515.

The Community Centre is managed on a day-to-day basis by a Committee of Management made up of users, interested individuals and a representative of the Parish Council.

The values which underpin the mission and vision of the Committee of Management include:

  • listening and learning from all our stakeholders – users, partners and performers. In 2014 the Committee carried out a Community Survey by way of a questionnaire distributed to every household
  • working with others to develop a centre which offers a wide range of stimulating activities

Most of the running costs of the building are incurred initially by CWaC and recharged annually to the Committee according to a formula which is set out in the lease.

The Committee is responsible for 51% of day-to-day running costs (including heating, lighting, water, waste collection, building insurance and grounds maintenance) and for an appropriate share of the caretaking costs.

This percentage reflects the proportion of the total building area occupied by the Community Centre. The total payment to CWaC is approximately £25,000 a year, and is paid for from lettings, either regular (to village organisations and privately run activities such as ballet classes) or one-off (including social events and private parties).

The Committee has agreed a scale of charges which distinguishes between village organisations, outside organisations, commercial businesses and government/local authorities, and individuals. An additional charge is made if the hirer wishes to run a bar.

Letting rates are reviewed annually and aim to strike a balance between the willingness/ability of users to pay, the desire to see the facilities fully used, and the need to cover costs.

The Community Centre enjoys the support of Tarvin Parish Council, which gives it an annual grant.

The Committee’s policy is to organise a series of cultural and social events during the year, including plays, films, concerts and dances. The main aim is to draw village people from all age groups into the Centre and to enhance the wellbeing of residents, rather than specifically to raise money. Events are also an important source of funds for investment to improve the facilities.

Bookable Rooms

The Community Centre has been undergoing major renovations over the past few years and we plan to continue. We now have a range of rooms which are bookable for every kind of event.
You can book one or more rooms. For full details visit the pricing page.

Edna Rose Room

  • 60 Person Capacity
  • Overhead Projector
  • Sound System
  • Access to Kitchen
  • Serving Hatch

Small Room

  • 20 person Capacity
  • Quiet & Discrete
  • Use of Projector
  • Ideal for Small Meetings
  • Possibly Therapy Space

Our Team

Tarvin Community Centre is run by a Committee of volunteers who make our amazing facility happen.

Centre Layout

Take a look at the layout of Tarvin Community Centre and get a feel for the space and facilities which we have available

Floor Plans

Plans and measurements of the rooms we have

Edna Rose Room

Capacity 60,  with in-built digital projector and screen. Door and hatch to kitchen

Main Hall

There is a curtained stage at one end of the hall. Bar/lounge entrance at opposite end of the hall (doors to the right of brick wall in the panoramic view below.)
Capacity 160/200 dependent on use, with full sound and lighting system, drop down projector screen and hearing loop.

Small Room

This room will seat approximately maximum of 20 people. There is the ability to use a screen and projector. Ideal for small meetings or social/special interest groups. The room would make an ideal small therapy room, for either physical practitioners or for the talking therapies. The room is quiet and discrete.

Wilkinson Lounge Bar

This is accessed either externally, or from the side of the Hall where there are folding doors to create an open access. This area can also be hired independently as it has adjustable ambient lighting, a fridge, kettle, sink, glass washer. There is also a separate entrance and disabled toilet.