Posted on 29/10/2020 in Events, Latest stories, Shows

Atom and Luna

One for the younger folk! FREE!

From the company that brought us The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps last winter, we are pleased to be able to promote their brand new virtual venture – The Chronicles of Atom and Luna.

A series of story casts will be released at the end of November for children (aimed at Junior children KS2) and their families to enjoy at home, with further digital content planned for next year. The heroes, Atom and Luna, (left home-alone) are saved by the arrival of their magical child-minder Iffly Sney. But Iffly falls terribly ill and only the twins can save him. They must seek out the mysterious Old Mother Red-Beard – and so begins a journey deep into the heart of the forest that will change their lives forever. . . . . .

Six audio tales– going back and forward in time – exploring the magical world of the forest that Atom and Luna must conquer will be for free – on all major podcast channels, You Tube and on Soundcloud from Monday 30th November.  With further digital experiences & surprises linked to the project following in the New Year.

To be the first to listen or to find out more at Or sign up for the casts or Funnelwick Limb newsletter, at

In lockdown we started mining a story world that could not be contained by a single form, and rather than put the brakes on we let the story tell itself in the way it wanted to!
So, we find ourselves starting with our story casts (perfect bedtime listening in the run up to Christmas).  We have several digital surprises up our sleeves for Spring 21 and then the more traditional book and theatre show will follow in Autumn 21.  Right now, I’m excited by how as storytellers we can continue telling stories to as many people as possible in these unusual times”
Murray Lachlan Young

An introduction to the Chronicles of Atom and Luna:-