Posted on 03/10/2022 in Events, Shows

The Chronicles of Atom and Luna

The Chronicles of Atom and Luna
BSL signed performance of an epic fairy tale of rather special twins

Date:  Friday 4th November
Time:  19:00
Cost:  £7.00 under 12yrs   £10 13+yrs

Atom and Luna are twins.  They never break any rules and never, ever go into the deep dark wood.  But these are no ordinary twins.  Trouble is, only the birds and the moon know just how special they are….

When life takes an unexpected turn, all rules are turned upside down.  Atom and Luna must venture into the deep, dark wood to find Old Mother Redbeard and to save their larger-than-life visitor, Iffley Sney.

For fans of Murray Lachlan Young, JRR Tolkein, Harry Potter, HIs Dark Materials and Lemony Snicket.

An other-worldly adventure for families aged 7 – 107!

BSL Signed Performance.

From the company that brought us The Mystery of Raddlesham Mumps

An introduction to the Chronicles of Atom and Luna:-