Cheshire Constabulary Band

Cheshire Constabulary Band – Friday 21st April 7:30pm – £10

The Band of the Cheshire Constabulary was formed in 1967 although it has its roots in the Stockport Borough Police Band of the 1950s. In its history the band has performed at many prestigious venues, including numerous civil occasions and has had the honour of playing at Royal events.

The band is primarily a concert band, and proud to be so. In 2008 the band returned to the contest stage after a long absence and has steadily risen up the ranks and has just reached the first section. In doing so it has qualifying for no less than four National Finals.

Our fine “Corps of Drums” has also flourished. In addition to leading the band on parades, it appears in its own right and is performs  over recent years and is constantly in demand both here and abroad performing in Ypres, Normandy and Leiden Holland.

The Band & Drums are extremely popular and are often fully booked 12 months in advance. Nowadays it consists of musicians from all walks of life, not just the Police and is very much representative of the wider community in Cheshire.

Since 2010 the band has spread its wings somewhat, undertaking three self funded visits to the European Brass Festival in Germany. Further more In October 2016 the band performed at the very first international music festival in Ellmau Austria and 2017 once e again will see a return visit to Germany.

The band has recorded two CDs both which are available on the night

Retired Inspector David Woollam, was appointed as Musical; Director in 2007. It was in many respects a return to his roots having been first played for the band as a teenager back in 1975. There is quite a family connection; his father John (who was also a Cheshire Police Officer and member of the band) introduced him to the band in 1975. 15 very happy years followed during which he met his future wife Rachel (who incidentally now plays Principal Cornet for the band).

An accomplished Euphonium player (in his day!) he was always a committed musician and he is extremely proud of the band and of his 40 year connection with Cheshire Constabulary.

The Band & Drums appear by kind permission of the Chief Constable Mr Simon Byrne.

More information can be found at  or visit our Facebook page under ” Band and drums of the Cheshire Constabulary”


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They seek him here, they seek her there . . . . . . . .

Where Are the Helpers?

Readers of The Telegraph may well have seen an article published on Jan 2nd headed “Village Halls Face Bleak Future as Ageing Volunteers Dwindle”. Stressing the vital role Village Halls play in rural communities, the article outlined the problems faced by ageing groups of volunteers often struggling to provide the physical and administrative back up necessary to maintain the many activities enjoyed by so many residents. Recognising the hectic lives lived by working people and the wealth of activities now available to the recently retired, the article stresses the need for more people to find time to come forward.

For the full article go to

The article certainly resonated with the Community Centre Management Committee whose average age has not been computed recently but must be well over 65. Generally in good health and certainly brimming over with enthusiasm, this group will happily go on for a bit longer yet, but is very much aware that their “Strategic Chairman Replacement Strategy” lacks focus and is still searching for a solution.

So, along with, I suspect, other groups in the village, the Community Centre Committee is appealing to you to consider stepping forward and joining us. There is a committee meeting once a month and you can then volunteer for as much, or as little, as you can manage. A fair amount of this consists of opening and closing the Centre for users and ensuring that our customers get a good service and come back again. It could be twice a year or twice a week, the choice is yours. Or you may have a specific interest – film, theatre, keep fit, ballroom dancing, weight-lifting – that might encourage you to take a step forward and join.

All the surveys that have been conducted in Tarvin in the last few years have highlighted the pleasure residents get from the ‘sense of community’. The Community Centre helps create this so, to maintain what we all enjoy, a few more must be prepared to get involved.

For an insider’s guide to what is involved, contact any committee member. 01829 741962 or 01829 741468 will get you to a couple of enthusiasts who will be delighted to talk to you.

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The Co-op supports the Community

Co-operative Community Fund

The Co-op have announced that they are extending the funding period for the Local Community Fund until April 8th 2017. This means that the amount that will be given to the three local charities can grow even further.

Many of you will be aware that the Coop Group got into some financial difficulty that severely damaged its brand as well as its financial status. A period of restructuring has followed with the organisation now concentrating on a smaller number of activities, of which its Food Division is one. To help bolster its reputation and to return to its 1844 original roots,  it has launched a new Members Card and has created a Community Fund to help link local branches to their local community. Money is raised from plastic bag sales and from a small levy on all Co-op branded goods sold to participating members. In Tarvin the three organisations to benefit are St Andrew’s Church, the Scouts and Guides and the Community Centre. Nationally, over £5,500,00 has been raised and the amount accumulating locally for the Community Centre is £587.30.

How can you participate and help one of these local good causes?

Apply for a Cooperative card and become a member.

Register your card online and choose the charity you would like to support.

Buy Co-op branded goods and use your card to do so. 1% of your purchase price will go to the charity of your choice while 5% will go to you personally.

For more information go to or ask in the local shop.

The co-op is looking for new local organisations to support. If you think that your group may  qualify then please go to

The arrival of the Co-op in Tarvin has had an impact on the village and, if you are a customer, you can enjoy the advantages that the shop brings to you while helping both yourself and the village – a win/win/win situation.

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Newsletter January 2017

2016 was a fantastic year for the Centre with the completion of the building works that turned the old classroom/store room into a smart new lounge and bar. The warm and welcoming room will make so many events run smoother and will add to the enjoyment of all our customers. It can also be used for informal meetings or small family parties at a very modest cost. Though the whole Committee were involved, special mention must be given to Jane Lush, who calmly and patiently worked through the grant process, and Roy Brereton, who used his professional experience to manage the contract process and to ensure that issues were dealt with quickly and properly. Thanks to this very hands on approach the job was completed without the Committee having to use all the money they had earmarked to cover contingencies. If you haven’t seen the results of all this work, do taker a peep next time you are visiting.

Of course, none of this would have happened without the drive and vision of our Chair, the indefatigable Alan Wilkinson. Not content with this major improvement plans are well under way for the construction of a robust timber storage building to the rear of the Centre. The impetus for this came from Ashton Hayes Theatre Club who is desperate for dry and dust-free storage for their costumes and props. The Theatre Club is now an integral part of the life of the Community Centre so we were delighted to find a possible solution, for which they will pay a modest rent. Space will also be allocated to other regular users and hopefully the long crawl to access the back of the under-stage storage area will become a thing of the past. There is also a plan that reaches into 2018, but perhaps we should pause here for now.

Classes and activities are now in full swing again. There are still some spaces during the week should you wish to start another class, there are now 5 rooms available so we are always looking for new activities to offer the residents. Bridge and ballroom dancing are just two that have been suggested. There used to be a popular whist club in days gone by, we still have the tables, but activities need a leader…..could this be you?

Here are some of the things coming soon.

Friday 13th Jan and Friday 20th  Jan – Village Quiz, now in its 35th year

Friday 27th Jan – Family Film Night  6.00pm – Moana, the new block buster animation from the makers of Frozen and 8.00pm A Street Cat Named Bob, a heart-warming true story of courage and redemption

Among other things coming in the spring are a Valentines dance, a Brass Band Concert and some excellent theatre from both Ashton Hayes and Cheshire Rural Touring Arts. Details of these will be available on our website : and The A-Frame and various notice boards will also publicise details, as well as more regular newsletters – and that’s a promise!

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Community Centre Redevelopment

Commencemnet of Building Work

We are delighted to announce that we are now in a position to sign the contract for major redevelopment work to begin. The contract is with Novus Property Solutions and the work on site will commence on Monday 13th June. The planned work, which will turn a large storage space into a lounge area, should be completed by the autumn. Disruption to users of the centre will be kept to a minimum.

To download PDF of plans – CLICK HERE

Alan Wilkinson, Chair of the Committee said “This is the culmination of many months of hard work by the Committee and the new space will allow more members of the community to come together and enjoy themselves for both leisure and learning. The Centre is currently bursting at the seams with over 40 regular users and the new lounge will increase our capacity and flexibility greatly”

Impression of proposed bar/lounge area

Bar new

The funding has been obtained from WREN, a not-for-profit business that awards grants for community, biodiversity and heritage projects from funds donated by FFC Environment through the Landfill Communities Trust. Significant contributions were also received from the Garfield Westin Foundation and the Williams Family Foundation. There were also smaller, but vital contributions from Tarvin Parish Council and from local resident Mr J Wright. The Community Centre Committee has also worked hard to build up a fund from their own resources to complete the budget for this major piece of development.

Mr Richard Smith, Grant Manager for WREN says: “It’s always nice to see something we have funded start to take shape. We’re delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile project and look forward to it benefiting the community of Tarvin for many years to come.”

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