Posted on 13/01/2024 in Latest stories, News

Parish Council Team emerged victorious in 41st Tarvin Village Quiz

A total of 20 teams embarked on a 10-round challenge for the new trophy at the Tarvin Community Centre, featuring a revamped quiz format.

The quiz comprised 10 rounds of diverse questions, spanning music and picture rounds. Participants tackled queries ranging from Six Nations winners to identifying Scotland’s second newest city and determining the common surname for Wendy, John, and Michel.

While the primary focus was on fun rather than victory, the event was filled with emotions, laughter, and camaraderie. The Tarvin Parish Council Team led convincingly throughout the main stage. However, the competition for second place was intense, with 10 teams finishing within a narrow point difference. The Tarvin Tennis Club clinched second place with 81 points, just ahead of the George Heath Foundation Team with 80 points.

The ultimate winner was determined in the final stage—a 60-second dash with 12 questions. The Tarvin Tennis Club scored 4 points, but the Tarvin Parish Council Team secured 7, ensuring their triumph.

Congratulations to the winners of the Margaret Dixon trophy, and sincere thanks to all participants for making the event a success.