Posted on 02/09/2020 in Latest stories, News

Back to the Future

Ever felt you could offer a skill or ideas in the running of the community centre? Then why not come join our merry band – Waking from its enforced slumber, it’s the ideal time for fresh faces to join us and take the centre on to the new future.

Ever had the thought  if the community centre did this . . . “ or why don’t they have . . .” orthat could be done/presented at the community centre . . .” or evenI would like to help with . . . “  Maybe you have a skill that could be used to the benefit of the community centre and village? Then why not come and join us and share your ideas? We always welcome a fresh brain and pair of eyes on how the centre is managed.

All Covid-19  guidelines are strictly adhered to for any gatherings at the centre and, whilst it may not fully return to normal in 2020, we would like to think that, as we enter into 2021, life for the centre will once again take on its familiar role as a centre for events and life in the village. Your ideas or help can make it happen and would be greatly appreciated, no ties/commitment to set time or hours. Perhaps there’s an activity currently at the centre that you feel you would like to help with? We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month in the evening. Understandably, individuals occasionally miss a meeting or two.

Further details are available in the notices below. If you would like an informal chat, do not hesitate to contact the secretary (details below), or join us for our socially distanced meeting on Tuesday 8th September at 7:30pm, you will be more than welcome.