Posted on 12/01/2021 in Events, Films, Latest stories, News

Where has the Family Film gone?


With the surge of the Omicron variant, the Community Centre Committee has again decided to postpone having a children’s film on Friday 28th January. The Committee judge that there may well be reluctance from parents to mix more than is necessary in order to ensure that children’s education is not affected by potential absences.

We will review the situation for February 18th but anticipate it being a grand return for children’s films and all the enjoyment they bring to the village.

Film Organiser Jane said ” We know how much the Family Film has become part of Tarvin’s cultural scene, and how much our young film-goers, and their parents, appreciate it. We are also very conscious that there hasn’t been a children’s film since October. But informal soundings among parents suggests that the audience this month could be quite small. We promise some wonderful films for our younger audiences when we have a much better idea of the progress of the pandemic. Children’s films will return to the Community Centre, have no doubt about that.”

There will be a feature film on 28th January see West Side Story

*** Distanced seating. Wearing of masks advisory.***