Community Centre Redevelopment

Commencemnet of Building Work

We are delighted to announce that we are now in a position to sign the contract for major redevelopment work to begin. The contract is with Novus Property Solutions and the work on site will commence on Monday 13th June. The planned work, which will turn a large storage space into a lounge area, should be completed by the autumn. Disruption to users of the centre will be kept to a minimum.

To download PDF of plans – CLICK HERE

Alan Wilkinson, Chair of the Committee said “This is the culmination of many months of hard work by the Committee and the new space will allow more members of the community to come together and enjoy themselves for both leisure and learning. The Centre is currently bursting at the seams with over 40 regular users and the new lounge will increase our capacity and flexibility greatly”

Impression of proposed bar/lounge area

Bar new

The funding has been obtained from WREN, a not-for-profit business that awards grants for community, biodiversity and heritage projects from funds donated by FFC Environment through the Landfill Communities Trust. Significant contributions were also received from the Garfield Westin Foundation and the Williams Family Foundation. There were also smaller, but vital contributions from Tarvin Parish Council and from local resident Mr J Wright. The Community Centre Committee has also worked hard to build up a fund from their own resources to complete the budget for this major piece of development.

Mr Richard Smith, Grant Manager for WREN says: “It’s always nice to see something we have funded start to take shape. We’re delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile project and look forward to it benefiting the community of Tarvin for many years to come.”

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Crabtree Homes Proposal

Housing Proposal

Crabtree Homes Ltd, Frodsham are giving an exhibition regarding their new housing proposal in Tarvin, West of Townfield Lane and bounded by A51 and A54. Friday 8th July 3 – 7 and Saturday 9th July 10 – 2, Edna Rose room.

Villagers are invited to attend to give comments and ask any questions. This development is still only a proposal but it will affect the whole village in many ways should it go ahead. This area is currently designated Green Belt

Maybe we need more housing in the village? Would it be beneficial for Tarvin? Do we have the infrastructure? Do try and come and have a look at the proposal and give your comments. Images below outline the area in an aerial view and also show their outline for the development.

Housing area 1Housing area 2

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Regular Activities

We have a number of regular, community-based activities that everyone to take part in.
See the booking and availability calendar for an up to date schedule of events/activities.

Tarvin Library is open every Tuesday 12:00 Noon – 7:00p.m.
and every Thursday 1:30p.m – 5:00p.m.

Email: libraries@cheshirewestandchester.


Flower Club
For all levels of ability. Our motto is: Fun and friendship through flowers. For details, contact and programme . . . . Read More

Slimming World
Nationally popular weight loss method. Fun to do and members share their experiences, recipes and strategies.
Members actual weight is treated confidentially.
It really works! . . . . Read More

Term time only . . . . Read More

Rugby Tots
Specilised motor-skills development classes for 2 – 7 year-olds. . . . Read More

Zumba Fitness
Upbeat and fun fitness class for all levels. . . . Read More

Zumba Gold
Zumba fun for the young at heart. . . .Read More

Tarvin W.I.
Tarvin’s branch meets for all manner of activities. . . . Read More

Tarvin Toddlers
Tarvin playgroup for babies and toddlers. . . . Read More

Tarvin Civic Trust
Voices the concerns of local residents about the built environment of Tarvin Village and its Conservation Area. . . . Read More

Cash bingo every Thursday. . . . Read More

Tarvin Gardening Club – (Horticultural Show in August)
Talks on garden related topics and trips to gardens and places of interest…Read More

Cheshire Pilates and Physio
2 classes weekly. Progressive exercise using modified Pilates method to improve strength. . . Read More

Tai Chi
Deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements. An ancient form of Martial Art practised the world over and recognised for its healthy benefits. . . .
Read More


Rucks of Fun
Musical activity for little ones
The first class starts at 9:30 – 10:00, the second at 10:15 – 11:00 on a Thursday morning.
Booking essential as places are limited. . . .Read More


More details:

 Flower Club
Affiliated to NAFAS
(National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies)

If you have never visited a Flower Club before, please join us for an evening to watch a highly skilled flower arranger demonstrate their art and amuse you with their wit and repartee. All arrangements are raffled, so you may even take one home with you. Watch out for posters around the village. Visitors are always very welcome, so just turn up.

You do not have to be a flower arranger to join us — many of our members come along solely to be entertained. However, if you wish to learn we can point you in the right direction for classes at all levels, and opportunities to take part in competitive work. The club is affiliated to NAFAS  which opens up further opportunities for club members to join in activities across Cheshire and the rest of the UK.

Second Wednesday of each month except August and December. 7:30pm

Contact: Merryn 01829 740832
June      01829 740473

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Slimming World
Slimming World’s members follow a ‘Food Optimising’ eating plan, take moderate activity through its ‘Body Magic’ programme, and have group support through shared experience with other slimmers to encourage behaviour change, called IMAGE Therapy. Slimming World’s eating plan is based on the science of satiety (the satisfying qualities of food) and energy density. Foods that satisfy the appetite and are low in energy density, such as fruit and vegetables, pasta, potatoes, fish and lean meat, are called ‘Free Foods’ and can be eaten without weighing, counting or measuring. Foods which are often banned on other weight-loss plans, are allowed within Food Optimising, and these are controlled by a “Syns” counting system.

Each session lasts approximately an hour

Every Wednesday morning 9:30
Wednesday afternoon 17:00   
Wednesday evening 19:00

Contact: Vicki 07568 070068

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Tuesday afternoon, term time only 15:30 – 18:00

Janice Anderson School of Dance

Contact: Jennie Donnachie  07734853336

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Rugby Tots
Busy Mum or Dad? Want something new to keep your ‘little ones’ active and develop new skills at the same time?Rugby Tots is the UK’s first play programme for 2 – 7 years olds, which focuses upon developing your child’s motor skills.
With sessions open to everyone, our DBS approved, first –aid qualified and fully trained coaches work hard to implement fun-filled games and programmes aimed at improving general ball skills, hand-to-eye coordination, balance, agility and social skills. Popular with both girls and boys of all ages.

Classes are age group specific:
2yrs – 3.5yrs/3yrs – 5yrs/5yrs – 7yrs

09:30 – Saturdays Term time
Contact: 0845 313 3254

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Zumba Fitness Class
Latin style dance aerobics.All fitness levels welcome!! £4 a class

Mondays 19:15 – 20:15

Contact: Nikki Goodrich

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Zumba Gold
Latin style dance aerobics for the young at heart. Dance party workout that moves at your pace. Good Fun, good exercise to music in the company of others. £5 a class

Mondays 10:00 – 11:00

Contact: Mari Santos Taylor 01948 820402/0750 1373426

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Tarvin WI
Woman’s Institute – a national body of women whose theme is to Inspire Women. Monthly meetings held where speakers are invited on various topics.During the meeting planned  outings are announced such as Theatre Visits, Garden Outings, date of our next luncheon club, we also take part in Village Activities such as the Fete and Christmas Market.Visitors and New members always welcome.

Every last Wednesday of the month. December date variable for a party lunch.


Contact: President Irene Wilkinson   01829 740868/07902 699555
Contact: Secretary Margaret Mathews 01829 741081

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Tarvin Toddlers
Tarvin babies and toddler playgroup warmly welcomes all mums, dads, grandparents and carers to its friendly weekly sessions…

Tea, coffee and a chat for the big people
Drinks and snacks for the little people

  • Toys and equipment to suit all pre-school ages
  • Art and craft activities
  • All in one large, spacious room
  • A great, friendly place to meet new people

Every Friday – term time only 10:00 – 11:30

Contact: Lisa and Alison: 077130639372/07841 484639

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Tarvin Civic Trust
Tarvin Civic Trust holds open meetings during the winter months when members enjoy talks from interesting speakers on topics relating to local and heritage matters.

Monthly on a Tuesday during the winter months  20:00
For details of this season’s talks click the link: Talks 2017/2018

Visitors are always welcome. Hon Sec: Mark Wyatt: 01829 740909

More Trust details:

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3 Jackpots. Good raffle

Thursday – 20:00

Contact: Sheila Ankers 01829 740983

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Tarvin Gardening Society – (Horticultural Show in August)
What we do
Gardening is a great way to exercise AND have something to show at the end of it. TGS is great value and will be of interest to anyone who enjoys a garden, whether they tend it or want to look at one tended by someone else. There are regular talks in the summer months, trips and a horticultural show to satisfy those with a competitive streak. Visitors are very welcome to join us at all events, which includes entering the show.

Membership is £5 per year, Meetings £1 for members, £2 for visitors. (This includes refreshments.)
Talks on a variety of gardening related topics, annual horticultural show including classes for children, trips to places of interest to gardeners.
Watch out for posters with dates, etc!

Meetings usually 3rd Tuesday from March to October, show in August, lunch/dinner in January.


2016/2017 Programme of talks

14th September 2016 Cynthia Preston Jones- ” Written in the Stars”
12th October 2016 Lynn Picken- “Strictly Flowers”
9th November 2016 Mark Entwistle – “The Colours of Christmas”


11th January 2017 Sharon Nolan- “Paint it Black”
8th February 2017 Kate Russell- “Floral Scrap Book”
8th March 2017 Judith Windsor &
Doreen Pritchard
12th April 2017 Louise Jones
10th May 2017 Anne Russell- “From Dogs to Dogwood”
14th June 2017 Garden visit
12th July 2017 AGM
13th September 2017 To be arranged
11th October 2017 Jacqueline Owen- “A River Runs Through it”
8th November 2017 Kathleen Williams- “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”

Contact: Sharon  01829 740870
Jacqui    01829 741172

August Horticultural Show August
Contact: Chris      01829 741389

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Cheshire Pilates and Physio
Gradual progressive exercise , using modified Pilates method to improve strength , endurance and flexibility of all muscle groups. Come and keep fit with a chartered Physiotherapist.

Friday 09:00-10:00 and 10:00-11:00 Term time only

Contact: Clare Tilley 07885 413815

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Tai Chi
Tai chi, also called tai chi chuan, combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, and practised around the world as a health-promoting exercise.
This is a new venue for the Tai Chi class with Graeme Waterfield

Every Tuesday 1:30pm – 2:30pm

The cost of the class is £35 for 10 weeks, or £5 for an individual session.  A free taster session is available to anyone who has not been to the class before.
To reserve your place, please call Ash-worth Time Bank on (01829) 751398 – Caroline Massos

Follow link for more details of Tai Chi and its benefits.

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Rucks of fun

A new activity for little ones of musical merriment, will be coming to Tarvin Community Centre in September with Rucks of Fun!
There will be two classes, 0-2yrs and 2-4yrs, where children will learn musicality and creativity in a stimulating and enjoyable way.
The first class starts at 9:30 – 10:00, the second at 10:15 – 11:00 on a Thursday morning. Booking essential as places are limited.

There are very few activities for little ones so let’s make this one a success

Contact Cheryl 07854 710304






Rucks of Fun

A new activity for little ones of musical merriment, will be coming to Tarvin Community Centre in September with Rucks of Fun!
There will be two classes, 0-2yrs and 2-4yrs, where children will learn musicality and creativity in a stimulating and enjoyable way.
The first class starts at 9:30 – 10:00, the second at 10:15 – 11:00 on a Thursday morning. Booking essential as places are limited.

There are very few activities for little ones so let’s make this one a success

For more details email:
Telephone Cheryl on 07854 710304 or see the website

Tarvin Poster - Rucks of Fun

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In at the beginning

Last week the Community Centre was given a rare chance to meet with a writer/director as they started the creative journey to produce a piece of theatre. Sponsored by the Lowry Theatre and mentored by Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, Laura Lindow met a group of rural promoters at the Action Transport Theatre in Ellesmere Port.

Scottish born Laura has worked in the North East since 1996 creating exciting theatre for both adults and children. She is a director, playwright and storyteller using words, music and puppetry to craft pieces that resonate with warmth and humanity. Her play, Heartbreak Soup, was nominated for an award at the Edinburgh Festival. Laura also takes her talents into children’s hospitals as a Clown Doctor, where she helps sick children cope with the stress of illness. (See

The piece that Laura brought to the group is provisionally called In Chips and tell of the emotional ties that bind families together, and that sometimes chafe. How do we talk about the important things that concern us when we can’t mention the really important issues that are like an elephant in the room? Laura read part the story as it is presently conceived, a captivating tale full of remarkable images that left all of us asking that most important question – “What Happens Next?”

In fact what happens next is that Laura and her producer, together with staff at the Lowry, will spend some weeks analysing, refining and moulding the story into a piece of theatre with a view to offering it to the Rural Touring network in the autumn. They will take the comments of the promoters on board because small rural audiences are not the same as urban ones, and Village Halls are often not proper theatres. How flexible does the set have to be? Is strong language acceptable? How long should the piece be? ( Interestingly rural promoters like a play that is long enough for an interval – raffle/bar, and long enough to give the audience a feeling that they have had a good night out!)

I would be delighted to be able to offer this play to Tarvin should it become available in the autumn menu. I would love to see how the gripping and evocative story I heard becomes a piece of theatre, so watch this space.

By the way, when I said there was an elephant in the room I wasn’t kidding – the story did contain a real elephant……………… possibly!

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