Cheshire Constabulary Band

Cheshire Constabulary Band – Friday 21st April 7:30pm – £10

The Band of the Cheshire Constabulary was formed in 1967 although it has its roots in the Stockport Borough Police Band of the 1950s. In its history the band has performed at many prestigious venues, including numerous civil occasions and has had the honour of playing at Royal events.

The band is primarily a concert band, and proud to be so. In 2008 the band returned to the contest stage after a long absence and has steadily risen up the ranks and has just reached the first section. In doing so it has qualifying for no less than four National Finals.

Our fine “Corps of Drums” has also flourished. In addition to leading the band on parades, it appears in its own right and is performs  over recent years and is constantly in demand both here and abroad performing in Ypres, Normandy and Leiden Holland.

The Band & Drums are extremely popular and are often fully booked 12 months in advance. Nowadays it consists of musicians from all walks of life, not just the Police and is very much representative of the wider community in Cheshire.

Since 2010 the band has spread its wings somewhat, undertaking three self funded visits to the European Brass Festival in Germany. Further more In October 2016 the band performed at the very first international music festival in Ellmau Austria and 2017 once e again will see a return visit to Germany.

The band has recorded two CDs both which are available on the night

Retired Inspector David Woollam, was appointed as Musical; Director in 2007. It was in many respects a return to his roots having been first played for the band as a teenager back in 1975. There is quite a family connection; his father John (who was also a Cheshire Police Officer and member of the band) introduced him to the band in 1975. 15 very happy years followed during which he met his future wife Rachel (who incidentally now plays Principal Cornet for the band).

An accomplished Euphonium player (in his day!) he was always a committed musician and he is extremely proud of the band and of his 40 year connection with Cheshire Constabulary.

The Band & Drums appear by kind permission of the Chief Constable Mr Simon Byrne.

More information can be found at  or visit our Facebook page under ” Band and drums of the Cheshire Constabulary”


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Bane comes to the Community Centre

Bruce Bane came to the Community Centre last night, an experience that few in the audience will forget. Bruce was a fast-talking, quick-shooting, thoroughly amoral private eye/ hit man who roamed the streets of a fictitious American town spreading mayhem wherever he went. Along with Bruce Bane and his guitarist sidekick came 39 other characters who inhabited this murky cartoon-like world. All played with breath-taking energy and split second timing by an actor of great vocal and physical range, Joe Bone.
Joe, Ben Roe and Georgia Newman from Whitebone Productions are veterans of rural touring and travel light. With no set but a chair for guitarist Ben, no lights and no costumes they were soon ready to start. What followed was two hours (with a brief interval) of a stunning expression of individual acting talent, a monologue with precise actions as characters changed effortlessly to propel the story forward. All this accompanied by Ben’s haunting and atmospheric music.

joe and ben

It is probably fair to say that the story, set in the bleak, cartoonish landscape of a ‘private eye’, did not suit everyone. The casual violence of the hero seemed extreme. There was less comedy than anticipated and some felt that more music would have added greatly to the piece. Yet the pace, energy and force of the narrative carried most of the audience along and with some complaining that, despite the interval, they almost felt as exhausted at the end as the actor surely must have been!


Joe and Ben have developed Bane stories 3 and 4 where Bruce Bane develops a conscience and looks back at the meaning of his life. All pieces have been shown in venues at festivals throughout the world.

Sue Hardacre, promoter for the Community Centre, explained “After the success we have had with some rather more conventional pieces we decided to go for something quite unusual this time. Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, by definition, seeks to present theatre that both entertains and challenges. Large scale productions are rare and they specialise in finding small companies who bring different perspectives and new ideas to the traditional way of telling stories. I hope that Tarvin residents will welcome this approach and continue to support the Community Centre next season.”

The next CRTA production is specifically for 3-6 year olds. Called Boxy and Sticky it is on Monday June 27th at 4.00 pm and tickets will be available soon. The promoter can guarantee that the audience is unlikely to leave exhausted!



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Sarah McQuaid

Saturday 23rd April 2016 – 19:30
Tickets £10 from Phil Miles 01829 741207 or email:
or go to

Sarah McQuaid’s voice has been likened to malt whiskey, melted chocolate and “honey poured into wine” (Minor 7th). Her new album Walking Into White (2015) is her most honest and adventurous work to date, with a depth and texture of soundscape that are reflected in her beautifully crafted live shows. A captivating performer, she seduces her audience with cheeky banter and stories from the road, as well as with stunning musicianship; in her hands, the guitar becomes much more than merely an accompanying instrument.

Sarah was born in Madrid to a Spanish father and American mother. she was raised in Chicago and now lives in rural England. She learnt piano and guitar from her mother and was greatly inspired by her distant cousin singer/songwriter Gamble Rogers.

From the age of 12years onwards, she was touring the USA and Canada with the Chicago Children’s Choir. She moved to Ireland in 1994 and launched her solo career in 2007. A chance meeting at a pub session in Cornwall led to singer-songwriter Sarah McQuaid being featured in the Legends Of Rock photography exhibition alongside the likes of Amy Winehouse, Björk, The Prodigy and Courtney Love.


Tarvin Community Centre is privileged to feature in Sarah’s UK tour

To hear a sample of Sarah’s work go to

“Finding treasure feels great, and such is the case with musician Sarah McQuaid. The soulful singer, smart and sensuous songwriter, and scintillating guitarist has been hidden in plain sight with three gorgeous solo albums, and her fourth — the recently-released, critically-acclaimed Walking Into White — reveals a truly magnificent artist primed to enchant the masses. … I’ve attended hundreds of concerts of all kinds, and her subtle mastery onstage launches her straight into my fave shows ever. One voice, one guitar, and the wondrous reminder of the magic of music. Sarah has the gift.” — Gregory Weinkauf, The Huffington Post

“Brilliant musicianship, a warm and welcoming stage presence and a voice as rich, matured and knowing as the finest thrice-distilled Irish malt whiskey.” — Geoff Wallis, fRoots, UK

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Popdance Kids is a new dance class coming to Tarvin Community Centre designed for children (age 5-11 years) that teaches fun and enjoyable routines to ‘pop’ music.

2015-09-03 02.54.53 pm

Commencing Monday 14th September – 15:45 – 16:45
The classes are specially choreographed with child-friendly routines to music that kids love with no pressure to get the steps exactly right. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment.

We have some fantastic warm ups to some great tracks, a really fun “descriptive moves” section where the kids can dance in groups or in pairs and learn the moves and then we work on a dance routine over 4-5 weeks ensuring all the children have the chance to learn them before changing to a new one. With music ranging from Rihanna to Justin Bieber, Jessie J to Taylor Swift – there is something for everyone.

All the classes are run in a relaxed and friendly environment where children of all abilities can have fun, be themselves and make friends. They also get some exercise without realising it!

“It was so much fun, I loved dancing to some really cool music with my friends and just having a great time. I think I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up now!” – Ellen, aged 8

So what are you waiting for kids…? Get Popdancing!


Also available are sessions for Birthday and Christmas Parties please check for details and dates!!

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ali-07771 930920


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