Hire Charges

Management Committee – hourly rates for hire  – From1st April 2018

See Bookings Calendar below for availability.

Click TERMS to view pdf of General Conditions of Hire – March 2018

Village Organisations
Small Room – £6.80
Edna Rose – £9.07
Lounge/Bar area – £9.07  
Hall – £11.34
Hall + Lounge – £14.74
Hall + Edna Rose – £14.74
Hall + Edna Rose + Lounge – £23.81

Outside Organisations
Small Room – £10.20
Edna Rose – £13.61
Lounge/Bar area – £13.61
Hall – £17.01
Hall + Lounge – £22.67                  
Hall + Edna Rose – £22.67
Hall + Edna Rose + Lounge – £36.28

Business, Government and Local Authority
Small Room – £13.61
Edna Rose – £18.14
Lounge/Bar area – £18.14   
Hall – £22.67
Hall + Lounge – £29.46
Hall + Edna Rose – £29.46
Hall + Edna Rose + Lounge – £47.60

Private Parties (Non Children)
Edna Rose – £13.61
Lounge/Bar area – £13.61
Hall – £17.01
Hall + Lounge – £22.67
Hall + Edna Rose – £22.67
Hall + Edna Rose + Lounge – £36.28

Private Children’s Parties (Up to 12 years of age)
Edna Rose – £11.34
Hall – £13.61     
Hall + Edna Rose – £18.14

An additional charge of 20% will be levied for weekend bookings.
Minimum Hire period at weekends 3 hours

Approved by the Tarvin Community Centre Management Committee  06/02/18



Terms and Conditions of Hire



Tarvin Community Centre
Meadow Close, Tarvin, CHESTER CH3 8LY         Registered Charity No. 506560

The building is under the joint management of the Tarvin Community Centre Management Committee (hereafter called the Committee) and Cheshire West and Chester Council. The Committee are wholly dedicated to conducting the operations and activities of the Tarvin Community Centre in a manner that ensures the health and safety and welfare of all users and those working in the premises and grounds.  The following conditions and information should be read in conjunction with all other Policies of the Committee is for users and is set out in support of this aim.

  1. General Conditions of Hire
  • The Committee reserve the right to refuse permission and have the right to cancel or amend any agreement without notice.
  • The Committee accepts no liability for any loss or damage to the property of users of the Centre and no items may be left in the Centre without the prior agreement of the Committee.
  • The hirer/responsible person shall make all necessary arrangements to ensure the orderly nature of the event, adequate protection of the buildings, grounds and equipment. Where loss or damage has arisen, the Committee reserves the right to invoice the hirer for such damage, without prejudice to its general right of indemnity.
  • The Centre is licensed by Cheshire West and Chester Council for the following activities:
    1. Supply of Alcohol
    2. Performance of Dance
    3. Exhibition of Film
    4. Indoor Sporting Events
    5. Performance of Live Music
    6. Performance of Recorded Music
    7. Performance of Plays
    8. Entertainment of a Similar Description
    9. Facilities for Dancing
    10. Facilities for Making Music
    11. Facilities for Entertainment of a Similar Description
    12. Late Night Refreshment


             The conditions of the Licence require that No Alcohol can be supplied after 23.30hrs (00.00hrs on New Year’s Eve) and all other activities must cease of 00.00hrs     The hirers must make themselves fully acquainted with the safety regulations in force at the Community Centre (displayed on the Community Centre notice board).

  • The hirer shall not permit interference with the electrical or water fittings and prior written authorisation must be obtained from the Chairman for any extraordinary use of these services.
  • Attendance shall be limited to a maximum of 200 in the Hall and/or 60 if confined to the Edna Rose room dependant on seating/table arrangements.
  • Functions shall terminate at 12.00 (midnight) and the premises vacated by 12.30am unless the prior written consent of the committee has been obtained.
  • The caretaker or any member of the Committee may request any person to leave the premises who infringes the Centres conditions, regulations or policies and may call the Police if necessary.
  • For one-off events, payment in full must be provided at time of acceptance of booking. For repeat bookings (e.g. various classes or clubs) payment must be paid to the Treasurer within 14 days of the date of invoice. Late payment may result in additional charges being levied or cancellation of booking. At the Committee’s discretion the hirer may be required to provide an additional ‘deposit against damage’ which must be paid in full 7 days prior to the function otherwise the booking will be cancelled. In the event of no damage occurring at the function this deposit will be returned to the hirer by the Treasurer. Event cancellation by the Hirer less than 14 days prior to the event will require the Hirer to pay 50% of the Booking fee
  1.  Health and Safety:  The Hirer must name a responsible individual to ensure compliance with the Centre’s Health and Safety Policy and its specific Conditions. At the beginning of the event, he/she must bring to the attention of those present at the event that under the Health and Safety legislation they have a Duty of Care to themselves and others to follow the requirements below. Additionally users must be encouraged to acquaint themselves with the layout of the building and the fire exits. Hirers are strongly advised to check for hazards that may arise from their activity by means of simple risk assessment. Help may be obtained via the Chairman of the Committee if required.
  2. Children and Vulnerable Users: The Committee believe that the welfare of children and vulnerable persons is paramount and is the responsibility of everyone using the Centre.  All children and vulnerable adults have the right to protection from abuse, whether physical, verbal, sexual, bullying, exclusion or neglect.  Such behaviours will not be tolerated.Family and private arrangements (i.e. private parties) are outside the terms of The Children’s Act 1989.
    If however the group/person hiring the Centre proposes to use the premises for activities involving children or vulnerable persons who are unaccompanied by parents or guardian, the hirer is expected to comply fully with the Committee’s Policy regarding Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Persons.  The Hirer shall ensure that any activities for children comply with the provisions of The Children Act of 1989 and that a fit and proper person, who has passed the appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks be nominated as the Responsible Person.  The Hirer/Responsible Person shall provide the Chairman of the Committee with a copy of their DBS check and Child Protection Policy on request.  Any information disclosed will be kept in the strictest confidence Any user of the Centre having concern about any such abuse must inform the Chairman of the Committee who will then report to the relevant body as a matter of priority.
  1. All groups hiring the Centre for use involving children or vulnerable persons are expected to comply fully with the Committee’s Policy regarding Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Persons.  Any user of the Centre having concern about any such abuse must inform the Chairman of the Committee who will then report to the relevant body as a matter of priority. Any information disclosed will be kept in the strictest confidence.
  2. Emergencies:  The Hirer is responsible for appropriately directing all present in case of emergency and should as a priority inform the Chairman or any other member of the Committee or Caretaker of the circumstances of the event.
  3. Fire Safety: In case of fire follow the Fire Policy and Procedure attached and which form part of the Centre’s Health and Safety Policy.  There are three final fire exits and the routes to them are clearly signed. These Exit routes must be kept clear to a minimum of 1 metre width and at no time be blocked by furniture or equipment. The fire doors are checked weekly, but the hirer is strongly recommended to double check that the doors open freely and are clear of obstruction.  If the fire alarm sounds, all users must leave the premises immediately by the nearest available exit and assemble in the car park. The Hirer (responsible person) to ensure all toilets and side rooms are checked and evacuated and assist any person who may need assistance to evacuate the building safely. Nobody must go back into the building until the Fire Brigade say it is safe to do so.
  4. The use of special effects such as strobe lighting or smoke is not allowed due to the sensitivity of the Fire Alarm system installed in the Centre.
  5. First Aid: A first aid box is provided in the kitchen for the treatment of minor injuries.  A record of use should be made in the first aid log provided; giving the name of the person treated and by whom and what further action was taken. E.g. “no further action considered necessary” or “patient referred to GP/ambulance called”.
  6. Accidents:  Any accidents on the premises, however caused must be recorded in the accident book, which is located with the first aid box.  “Near Misses” must also be recorded.
  7. Use of Kitchen:  The hirer is responsible for ensuring that catering arrangements comply with current Health and Safety legislation, for the safe use of the kitchen and equipment, and that all surfaces and equipment are left in a clean, hygienic condition.  The use of deep fat fryers is not permitted.  The Kitchen area is a ”Child Free” area i.e. No child under the age of 14 years is allowed in the Kitchen area.
  8. Doormen: Under certain circumstances the Committee may require one or more Doormen be provided by the hirer.  Doormen have to be registered with the Cheshire West and Chester Council Doorsafe Scheme.
  9. Entertainment Licence: Prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance, the protection of children and vulnerable persons are important conditions of the licence.  The Committee as a consequence will not tolerate drugs, drunkenness and disorder on at the Centre.
  10. End of Session: At the end of each session, all lights must be turned off, naked flames extinguished, water taps fully turned off and all areas and equipment must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Failure to comply with this will result in the hirer being charged for any additional cleaning and maintenance required and being refused future lettings. In consideration of local residents the Centre should be vacated in an orderly manner ensuring no excessive noise. 

Completion of the Application for Hire form acknowledges acceptance, understanding and compliance with these conditions.

Approved by the Tarvin Community Centre Management Committee

On the 6th September 2011  (Amended 5th March 2013)

Chairman   Alan Wilkinson                                                 Secretary   Jane Lush

March 2013

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Children’s Centre to Close?

Is Tarvin Children’s Centre to Close?
Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) is holding a consultation on “de-registering” some of its Children’s Centres, including the Tarvin, Malpas, and Farndon Children’s Centre which is based at Tarvin Community Centre.

“De-registration” means that Children’s Centres would not be subject to an Ofsted inspection. It is possible the space could become available for broader community use. Some of the current activities might continue, if the organisers want to continue to run them or if a new organiser can be found. However, CWaC says that in the current economic climate it needs to concentrate more on services for children and families in greatest need, and less on buildings and other overhead costs.

In making its proposals CWaC says it has looked at information about attendance usage and registration rates at each children’s centre, as well as levels of deprivation and levels of need, and any compliments or complaints. In the case of the Tarvin, Malpas and Farndon Centre, it says that the level of need is less acute, that usage is low, that the location is not easily accessible and that services can be delivered by other organisations through different commissioning arrangements (for example NHS services commissioned with different building management). Please note that, as yet, there are no firm proposals for the use of the space at Tarvin Community Centre, although the Community Centre Committee of Management has talked to CWaC and asked to be consulted about any proposals.

The consultation lasts until 28th October 2014 and CWaC will make a final decision in March 2015. A questionnaire is available online
http://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/your_council/consultations_and_petitions/council_consultations/childrens_centres_consultatio.aspx. You can also email childrenstrustwest@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk with your views.
Please note that up to now the response rate from Tarvin has been poor

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