Posted on 17/06/2021 in Latest stories, News, Regular Activities

Sweaty Mamas

A new class coming for soon mums and mums-to-be to enjoy the benefits of exercise whilst bonding with their baby.

Sweaty Mamas – Coming to TCC in July. Interested? Want to know a bit more, then do call Katie on 07395 519573 for more details .

How it all began . . . . .
“After the birth of her first 2 children, Lyra and Phoenix, just 16 months apart, Hannah suffered a large split of 9.5cm in her abdominals, known as a Diastasis Recti.  No longer able to enjoy the high energy exercises which she had always loved, she qualified as a Personal Trainer specialising in Pre and Post Natal exercise & Sweaty Mama was born.

Sweaty Mama is for all mamas who simply want to enjoy the benefits exercise brings whilst bonding with their child. Hannah’s vision is to reach as many women as possible through Sweaty Mama exercise sessions which they can enjoy in a safe and friendly community. Four years on (and another child later) Sweaty Mama sessions are enjoyed every week by Mamas across the country. Why not combine exercise with fun for your little one too?”