Posted on 17/04/2020 in Latest stories, News

Official naming of the bar.

The bar/lounge has been renamed –The Wilkinson Lounge – in honour of a dedicated, long serving committee member, Alan Wilkinson

In May 2019 Alan Wilkinson hung up, his chairman’s hat for good and after about 10 years dedicated work, he felt it was time for him to spend more time with his family, and to join the many caravan junkies on our Summer roads. He has become a well known character in the village, tootling off to the community centre on his scooter and always going ‘above and beyond’, wherever possible, to accommodate users of the centre.

Over the years he was the driving force behind many activities and, along with other voluntary committee members, managed to leave the centre both thriving in usage and in a very healthy financial situation, although we do still have large annual bills that have to be paid. Those that know Alan are acutely aware of his DIY skills and he could often be seen in the community centre, sometimes along with Vic Shuttleworth, screwdriver (or hammer!) in hand, maybe cursing a little, fixing this or that because it saved a bob or two that could be better used elsewhere.

With Alan at the helm we have managed not only the conversion of wasted storage area into our lovely bar/lounge, but his legacy has enabled us to continue and to fit new carpet throughout the foyer and corridor and have the hall floor re-treated. Plans are well under way for the next stage, literally the stage – it will undergo special treatment and modernisation, giving it a whole new lease of life enabling full use of the area safely. There will also be some changes to lighting, possibly the sound system too and the very old, heavy, torn curtains will be replaced.

Behind every great man is a great woman and Alan is no exception. Thanks go to Irene for her long standing tolerance of the needs a successfully run centre has put on Alan over the years and it is certainly time that they enjoy some well earned leisure pursuits together.