Crabtree Homes Proposal

Housing Proposal

Crabtree Homes Ltd, Frodsham are giving an exhibition regarding their new housing proposal in Tarvin, West of Townfield Lane and bounded by A51 and A54. Friday 8th July 3 – 7 and Saturday 9th July 10 – 2, Edna Rose room.

Villagers are invited to attend to give comments and ask any questions. This development is still only a proposal but it will affect the whole village in many ways should it go ahead. This area is currently designated Green Belt

Maybe we need more housing in the village? Would it be beneficial for Tarvin? Do we have the infrastructure? Do try and come and have a look at the proposal and give your comments. Images below outline the area in an aerial view and also show their outline for the development.

Housing area 1Housing area 2

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