The Haunted Man


A new play adapted from the ghost story by Charles Dickens

It is Christmas Eve and the past and the present are about to collide

Based on the novella, The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain first published in 1848, it is more about the spirit of Christmas than Christmas itself. Presented by Kindred Theatre, it features four actors producing a host of Dickensian characters. It is a new production, full of atmosphere, love and loss, frighteners and friendship. Along with candlelight, shadows, music and theatrical storytelling, it is the perfect production for the winter evenings.

Jonathan has recently moved into a care home. As his mind deteriorates and reality becomes confused one memory stays strong; a memory of past love and betrayal; the one memory he wishes could be taken away.

A present is left for him: A book, an old copy of Dickens’ The Haunted Man. His carer Asha, reading the story aloud, invokes visions of Jonathan’s past life and with them comes a ghostly visitation, a phantom who offers to fulfill his wish through the gift of forgetting.

As the book and Jonathan’s life merge, he begins to understand that the phantom’s gift is also a curse. With the help of the chaotic Tetterbys, the Wild-Boy, the gentle Swidgers and a host of other Dickensian characters, Jonathan and Asha set out to find a genuine, lasting peace and learn the true value of memory.”

The tour will be accompanied at each venue by an Audio Exhibition of stories gathered from inter-generational storytelling workshops Kindred are running to complement the show, the themes and ideas inspired by the participants real memories.

Details for tickets etc. will follow nearer the time.

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Sammy and the Snow Leopard

SAMMY AND THE SNOW LEOPARD – Saturday 22nd April 4:00pm – 

Sammy is 9 years old and likes animals.  No…he LOVES animals.  The problem is his Mum won’t let him have any pets. But when his best friend Hokey Pokey tells him about the ‘Adopt a Snow Leopard’ programme, Sammy reckons he’s found a way to have a pet that doesn’t actually come to the house.  Perfect!  But then Sammy gets an unexpected gift – and finds himself on an adventure that quickly spirals out of control…

This is a high-energy show involving stuffed animals, evil neighbours, school projects and limes that will enchant everyone over 5.

Sammy and the Snow Leopard is both written and performed by Brad McCormick who has developed a quirky way of making solo theatre that involves everyone in the audience in mass role-playing. The show had a short pilot tour in March 2015 when audiences were overwhelming in their praise for it.

Aimed at 5-10 year olds

Children that have seen it said:

  • It was cool, amazing and epic
  •          I would recommend this show for people who enjoy funny things
  •          I thought it was a very good show because it is hard to be lots of people and he did very well

…and adults enjoyed it just as much:

  •          Hilarious! I loved the multi-role and the limes!
  •          It was brilliant. The slow-motion bit really made us laugh!
  •          Very good & original – thoroughly enjoyed!



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Pantomime Time!

SLEEPING BEAUTY – Saturday 3rd December 15:00 – £6 adullts £4 under 12

Last year the superb Bitesize Theatre Company of Wrexham, presented Jack and the Beanstalk for the Pantomime. This year they are producing Sleeping Beauty. I am assured it will be a good old traditional type of panto with boos and hisses and ‘behind you!’, ‘oh no he isn’t. Oh yes he is’ type of fun and audience participation.

We had a sell-out last year so we are expecting this year to be the same. Everyone went away feeling relaxed and happy having thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.
Tickets on sale now from Ticket Source  and will be available from Tarvin Newsagents by 20th October.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a baby Princess is born… only to be cursed by the wicked Fairy Dredd. Her fate is to die on her 16th birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Everyone is horrified, so it’s up to Fairy Lilac to save the Princess… with a little the help from the audience, of course. A wonderful version of the traditional Perrault story of Sleeping Beauty, combining modern storytelling and musical theatre to create a magical experience for young and old alike.

A wonderful version of the traditional Perrault story of Sleeping Beauty, which combines modern storytelling & musical theatre to create a magical experience for young and old alike. We have Dames, Fairies, a Charming Prince, Heroes, Baddies, Songs, Laughs, Groans, Audience participation; “Oh no, you don’t! Oh yes, we do!”; and much, much more.
Bright, lively, colourful & suitable for children of all ages, each performance comes complete with full set, costumes,
lights & sound and a cast of 5 professional actors, creating a dazzling array of wonderful characters.

Everything you need to make the festive season go with a bang  (Bitesize)


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Mrs Roosevelt Flies to London

Saturday 29th October at 7:30 pm. Tickets £10

This is a one-woman show written and performed by Alison Skilbeck and is currently playing to packed houses at the Edinburgh Festival.

Mrs R 2Eleanor’s personal life was more troubled and her marriage became a political partnership rather than an intimate relationship. She had a tumultuous relationship with her mother-in-law, and protected and supported Franklin when polio threatened to end his political career, often standing in for him at public meetings. Though never elected to public office her work for civil and human rights help shape post — war America. She died in 1962 aged 78.

Mrs R 1Actor and writer Alison Skilbeck specialises in intimate one-woman productions and has been touring this production for a couple of years. She was granted permission by the Roosevelt Estate to have access to Eleanor’s diary and writings to form the basis of the piece and uses them to reflect on both the personal and political life of this remarkable woman. As the U.S.A contemplates electing its first woman President, the work now seems very timely.

Tickets will be £10 and will be available very shortly online at Ticket Source Tickets will be available in the village nearer the date.

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Boxy and Sticky

This is my box… and this is my stick. Ordinary objects to you and I, but for this forty minutes they could be anything you dreamed they could be. Theatre Iolo present a delight of a production as Boxy and Sticky take over. There’s even added play time for those keen stage invaders at the end!

Boxy emerges from his box after getting himself well and truly stuck, whilst Sticky uses her newly found stick to turn Boxy into a variety of characters; ranging from a monkey to a squashed tomato! Creating a chortling, giggling response from the younger audience members, the two performers worked effortlessly together, mimicking each other’s actions and words to create a whole new world of fun, as they took the seas, made an impressive den and dressed up in their finest clothes!

Backed by a wonderfully calming soundtrack and design, the production is mesmerising and entertaining not only the little ones but also the more grown up, not so little members of the audience! Chortling and laughter really is infectious and this show is a charming and mischievous treat not to be missed out on!

Review by Kirsty Alexander

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